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Helping people make connections is our passion. People who have strong connections to others have improved health, and communities where people are connected are healthier places to live. We provide training, information and resources for strengthening peer support groups and peer-led initiatives throughout British Columbia. We work with many diverse groups and communities including First Nations, rural, urban, multicultural, youth and online. PeerNetBC is a non-profit, registered charitable organization.

PeerNetBC has a wealth of resources to share with individual people, peer support groups and peer-led initiatives. One of the main ways we help people to connect is through our workshops. We provide open registration workshops that are available directly to the public and customized workshops created to meet the needs of specific groups and agencies across the province.

PeerNetBC workshops are designed to be accessible and useful for people at differing levels of skill and experience. We offer a range of courses every spring and fall with the aim to address a variety of learning needs. Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops.

For community groups or agencies interested in PeerNetBC’s customized workshops, check out our list of potential workshop topics.

For people looking for information and resources for their peer support group or peer-led initiative, please explore the Resources, Areas and Stages sections of our website.

For people seeking further information and advice regarding peer support or peer-led initiatives, please contact us directly.

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Fall Workshop and Learning Opportunities

We are very proud to announce our latest workshop offerings. We are continuously updating and ajdusting workhops to meet community needs and demands. Our latest season of workshops will be taking place on every saturday from October 15th to November 5th 2016 with an additional evening workshop on Thursday Ocobter 27th. PeerNetBC’s Community Workshops are provided twice per year. These workshops are open to everyone and offer a great opportunity to learn and network with people from various communities, groups and organizations.

Cost: $15 – $75+ sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds
Location: PeerNetBC office, #408 – 602 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


For more information and/or for accessibility requests: email Robin at or call 604.733.6186
The suggested price for each workshop is $75 at a sliding scale, so please identify a price that suits your financial situation; financial barriers should not get in the way of your participation. Payment can be made online, using PayPal (which can process credit cards securely), by mailing in a cheque, or by bringing a cheque or cash to our office (either before or on the workshop day). Please contact us if you require an invoice for your organization.

If you are having any trouble registering or have questions about a particular workshop, please contact the office at 604-733-6186 or by email at

Foundations of Facilitation
Saturday, October 15th, 2016 | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Whether we are facilitating meetings, group discussions, or workshops, understanding our roles and responsibilities as facilitators is an essential component for creating a productive space. In this 6 hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the principles of peer support and explore their influence in creating a foundation for more inclusive and well‐functioning peer-led groups. We will build on new and existing qualities, skills and tools necessary for effective facilitation and touch on different facilitation models. This workshop is designed for folks with little to no experience with facilitation, including folks seeking to brush up on their foundational skills.

Diversity & Working Together
Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Systemic imbalances of power exist in our society, and so recognizing how it influences group dynamics is an important skill for facilitators, group members, and community members at large. In this 6 hour workshop, through discussion and experiential learning, participants will explore our own roles and relationships with power and have an opportunity to broaden our perspectives on accessibility, inclusion, power, privilege, and how to move forward together.

Exploring Facilitation
Saturday, October 29th, 2016 | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Prerequisite: “Foundations of Facilitation” and “Diversity & Working Together” or equivalent experience.
Building off of the basic concepts of facilitation in “Foundations of Facilitation”, this 6 hour workshop will delve deeper into specific skills and techniques that assist facilitators in effectively creating safer, more supportive and successful peer-led groups. Participants will have opportunities to practice facilitating and navigating facilitation challenges, where we will explore group dynamics, create an understanding of the influences of power in a group, and share strategies and tools.

Community Engagement & Leadership
Saturday, November 5th, 2016 | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Often how we imagine leaders tends to describe only a certain kind of individual. In this 6 hour workshop, we will explore, challenge, and redefine what leadership is in our communities and its relationship with advocacy and community engagement. Through unpacking existing frameworks of leadership we’ll build an analysis of who we identify as leaders, how we all can be leaders, and our roles and responsibilities. Participants will build tools and create a shared understanding of what community engagement could be like, and how it can be more inclusive, impactful, and sustainable.

We look forward to meeting you. Please register as soon as possible to save yourself a space in these exciting workshops.

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